The adventure begins!

Around 7:00am on the 7th January 2018, the Tour d’Afrique officially started. That is when the rubber hit the road - literally.   Preparation My last day at Datacom Laying the groundwork for this epic journey has two parts, internal and external . Internally , in my heart I have a desire to cycle from the top to the bottom of Africa.   " Why?" people ask.    " Why not?" I say.    Having worked the last 25 years for a NZ IT industry giant called Datacom, what better way to change my life, challenge myself and experience new things, than to go on an African adventure? Another driver was that I’m now 55 and I have seen too many colleagues, friends and mates pass away before they have lived out their dreams.  I want to push myself and follow my dream while I'm fit and able to do so. Shaping up Externally , getting physically fit has certainly been the priority.   I need to be able to ride, on average, 120km a day for